“Vape” is a term you’ll hear tossed around dispensaries and it’s not referring to tobacco use. Vape pens/cartridges are used by cannabis consumers as an alternative method of consumption. People like vape pens because they’re way more user friendly, potent, very inconspicuous, and extremely portable. Which means you can get high almost anywhere without others knowing. It’s freaking great!

In states where marijuana is legal, all cannabis product (flower, concentrates, edibles) are tested at accredited labs and must pass state standards before it can be sold in a dispensary. So, you know what you’re buying any time you make a purchase from a dispensary.

But what if you live in a “lame” state (I kid, I kid) where weed is still illegal and you’re worried about buying fake cartridges? Have no fear because your boy Big Bob is here with some general advice to help you attempt to distinguish a real cartridge from a fake.

1. Are you ordering online and getting your cartridges through the mail?

If you’re ordering cartridges online and receiving them through the mail, odds are you’re DEFINITELY being ripped off. It’s still a federal crime to mail cannabis product anywhere in the USA. Unless you’re personally buying from a legal dispensary, it’s tough to know if what you’re buying is real or not. Buyer definitely beware.

2. Packaging mistakes.

Do you notice spelling mistakes? Is there missing information about where and when the product was tested? Are the potency numbers, dates or strain information missing on the packaging? These are key indicators that the cartridge you just bought is probably a fake.

3. Is the packaging child proof?

All CANNABIS product (including cartridges) must be sold in child proof packaging. If your cart is flying solo or isn’t in a box with some sort of protective cover, it’s fake.

4. Use the World Wide Web!

Do some homework and look brands up on online, check their website or reach out to them through their social media pages if needed. Many brands are fighting the counterfeit market online by educating their followers on their product lines and how to spot fakes.

5. Download the WeedMaps or Leafly app.

Both apps provide all sorts of information related to the cannabis industry and products that will help you determine if you’ve got a fake or not. For example, WeedMaps helps consumers by placing blue badges next to products and vendors that are verified for authenticity.

6. If you have a friend who lives in a legal state reach out and ask about the

product you’re buying. 

They should be able to help verify if what you have is legit or not. I’m originally from Western New York (Go Bills!!!) so I’ve got people back east asking me questions regarding cannabis product all the time. If you ARE that friend do your best friends a solid and help educate them. We want everyone to have a pleasurable experience when using cannabis and it starts with education.