Plan on traveling to Portland, Oregon this summer and wonder what you need to know when buying LEGAL weed for the first time? Well, Pakalolo’s here to help. Here are a few simple tips to know when entering the dispensary for the first time. 

  1. Bring Your ID. Oregon law stats that you must be at least 21 to enter a dispensary. So, bring your ID lets us know what state you’re visiting from. You’d be surprised how many transplants live in PDX, plus it’s a great conversation starter. 
  2. ATM, Card or CASH? Payment methods differ by dispensary. Some take cards, some are cash only and some have ATM’s on site. Your best bet is to check online using Google, WeedMaps or Lealfy before choosing which dispensary to shop. 
  3. Come with Questions. “Teacher always said there are no stupid questions” and this holds true in a dispensary. Ask about the benefits, effects and what the shop favorites are. Let us know that this is your first experience in a dispensary or visiting from out of town. We want your experience in our shop to be memorable one. The more we know about you the better chance is you’ll leave the shop with quality product you expected.
  4. Ask to Smell but NEVER Touch! Most shops have their weed stored in jars and allow customers the opportunity to look and smell the product before buying. Look at and smell the flower as much as you wish, but NEVER touch the flower or grab the jar. It’s just bad form. 
  5. Speaking of Seeing/Smelling, Trust Your Senses. If the flower looks FIRE to you and the smell is recognizable/pleasurable to you. Odds are you’re going to enjoy the taste of that flower.
  6. Photography Is Fine.Take all the pictures you want. Share you experience with your friends and help promote the shop, PDX, and Oregon all at the same time. Win-win for everyone. 
  7. Only Buy What You Can Consume During Your Trip. When it’s time to leave PDX all cannabis product must stay in Oregon. Sorry folks, these aren’t my rules but you need to follow them. You don’t want to end an awesome vacation by ending up on Cops. (That still a show?)
  8. Be Careful When It Comes to Edibles. I recommend starting off with an edible that ranges between 5-10 milligrams. Wait 45 minutes to an hour and see how you feel. The last thing you want to do is eat too much and not be able to enjoy the body high. Remember that it’s impossible to OD on edibles but you can eat enough where you’re get “too high” and need an 8-hour nap.
  9. What are the laws in Oregon regarding recreational marijuana? Follow the links below to learn more about the Oregon’s Recreational Marijuana Laws: