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Name: Francesco Role at Pakalolo: Budtender Where you’re from, how long you’ve lived in PDX… I’m from B-lo, the Ruff Buff, home…

Post By Robert Larsen

Name: Francesco

Role at Pakalolo: Budtender

Where you’re from, how long you’ve lived in PDX…

I’m from B-lo, the Ruff Buff, home of the chicken wing and 5-foot snow storms, the one and only Buffalo, NY! Far too wanderlust to stay rooted in the northeast. So, I packed my bags and drove cross country in August 2018 to take in the culture and beauty of the PNW. 

How long have you been using cannabis? What got you started?

I’ve been using cannabis since late high school. The potent smell and social nature of consumption got me started! My love for cannabis was solidified in college after researching the tremendous medicinal and monetary opportunities attached.

What activities do you enjoy doing while high?

Thoughtful conversation and exploration! I personally feel that connection and discovery are magnified by cannabis and it’s a beautiful thing. 

What is your favorite way of consuming cannabis?

Much like my friend Bob, all I ever did was smoke blunts. But Portland seems to have a way of helping kicking that habit. Once Justin (co-owner of Pakalolo) showed me the magic of rolling joints with a chopstick I made the switch. These days odds are you’ll find me chiefing down a nice hand-rolled joint!

How long have you been working in the industry? Biggest likes, hurdles, takeaways?

Technically I’m super fresh, as I joined the team in July 2019 but one could say I’ve been in touch with the industry since college 😉 

I love the dispensary life so far. There’s positive energy everywhere and being able to work under admirable entrepreneurs is a great learning experience. 

My biggest dislike is the sativa vs indica categorization in terms of effects. Everyone’s way of experiencing something is unique and there are so many variables at play. Like with food, let your nose lead you and try to document experiences with different strains to ensure you’re getting sought after effects!

How do you spend your free time outside of Pakalolo?

I travel a lot and try to expose myself to as many new experiences as possible. I’m open to a lot! My favorite activities would have to smoking a fat joint and finding a clear lake to jump in.

What do you want to do when you grow up?

Anything and everything that sparks my interest. Each day there’s a new thing I’m exposed to and it gets added to the list. Let’s see where the wind takes me.

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