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At Pakalolo, our goal is to procure the highest quality flower for our customers. Quality means high terpene count and high potency. We seek out soil-grown, Clean-Green Certified flower, cultivated by thoughtful, conscientious growers with years of experience. The growers we work with use sustainable, natural and organically based practices. We find that these practices produce superior and consistent results.

Every strain is selected by weed sommelier and stoner owner Justin Riggs , which means that it will be hand trimmed with a proper bud structure and density. But most importantly, the quality we seek must be reflected in the smell of the strain, and its taste on the palette.

Our knowledgeable and helpful staff are all passionate about cannabis and its healing properties! They can advise on strain selection for your specific needs: whether you are seeking pain relief and sleep, or a motivating strain for your or hike or night on the town, we will have something that will work for you!

The variety of available cannabis strains in this emerging market is truly astonishing! Every new creation by talented breeders brings smiles of joy and disbelief for those lucky enough to experience them. Terpenes that smell of cheese, fruit, flower, citrus, pine, black pepper, gas, and fuel will surprise you with their distinct presence and effects! And of course, we are always sure to have available at least one high CBD strain, and at least one 1:1 CBD/THC ratio strain.

Because individual preference and the olfactory experience is so important when selecting cannabis, our sealed glass jars are presented to the customer if requested. Customers may smell the flower and get an up-close look at the buds under good lighting. Strain lineage and cannabinoid test results are clearly labeled and all pricing includes tax.

We are proud to carry the largest selection of flower from renowned Liontree Farms and their in-house extraction company Sterling Gold Extracts from Southern Oregon’s Rogue Valley. Described as “absolutely the sungrown terp leaders that you need to watch out for,” by, Liontree Farms is believed to hold the state record for highest terpene concentration for their Lemon Head strain, which contained 8 points of Myrcene. The farm, which sits high in elevation on a stunning Southern-facing hillside, provides ideal conditions for a master to be in his element. The magical results truly speak for themselves!

We are also proud of our selections from award-winning grower Benson Elvis! Benson Elvis was given well-deserved recognition at the 4th Annual DOPE Cup 2018 – Benson’s first competition! Awarded Best Sungrown Hybrid Flower for its “Animism #6”and awarded runner-up in the same category for “Josh D. OG”, they ALSO took Best Sungrown Indica Dominant Flower with “South Fork Kush #56”! In addition, Benson’s collaboration with Echo Electuary and was awarded runner-up in THC Budder/Wax  category, and its pre-roll with Decibel Farms won runner-up in the Best Infused Pre-Roll category. Superior genetics, grown with passion and mindfulness, is indeed a winning combination!

Come visit Pakalolo, and experience quality.

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