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We have for our customers a select but varied line of fine edibles. Options include vegan, gluten-free and low-sugar snacks. Choose from several types of gummies, artisan-quality chocolates, trail mixes, baked goods, drinks, candies, syrup-mixers, and oil that is easy to cook with or take on its own!

We carry many CBD (Cannabidiol) edible options, including CBD-only, 1:1 THC to CBD ratio, high CBD/low THC ratio, and THC-only.

While CBD is becoming widely available, only state-licensed dispensaries are required to carry oil and edibles produced with Oregon-grown cannabis. Additionally, our edibles must be produced by state-licensed and inspected edible producers. Producers submit their products to state-certified laboratories for compliance testing. Retailers that are not state-licensed dispensaries have none of these safety and transparency requirements.

Our edibles are clearly and accurately labeled with ingredients, THC and CBD content per container and per serving, manufacturer contact info, laboratory batch tracking numbers, and date tested. The dosage and serving information allow the consumer to easily control their dosage and experience. 

Many edible manufacturers are starting to include measurements of other cannabinoids and terpenes (i.e. Limonene or Pinene). The cannabis industry strives to understand more about these compounds and their effect/interaction with each other. As there is plentiful science available on terpenes commonly found in fruits, vegetables and herbs, specific measurements on the terpenes found in cannabis gives the consumer another important layer of information with which to make their decisions.

Our more popular edibles lines are Gron chocolates, Squib gummies (including 100mg medical Squibs) from Lunchbox Alchemy, Sour Bhotz gummies, Wyld Confections infused white chocolates and real fruit juice gummies, Elbe’s edibles, Laurie and Mary Jane baked goods, and Ediboloy trail infusions.

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